Dog and Cat Grooming in our Cedar location

  Private  Training Sessions  and Group Classes In Cedar and Nanaimo with Covid protocols in effect.  

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Grooming Services in our Cedar location

Full service grooming for dogs and cats in our Cedar location on  Thursday, Friday and Saturday . We are fear free certified and will work with you to make  the grooming experience the best it can be for your dog or cat! 

Behaviour Consulting Private Lessons

Help your Dog  or Cat transform struggles into strengths with our experienced trainers through private sessions.

Our extremely succesful ICU ( I See You) program will be tailored to your pet's individual needs and can help create calmness and emotional balance  for dogs and cats that are reactive, fearfull, demanding, barking, digging, biting, overexcited,  resource guarding, destructive, suffering from seperation anxiety, inapropriate urination and more!

Group Classes

Small group classes on a wide variety of topics to help you and your dog be on the same page for life, for fun and for the best relationship.

Classes  run in 4 or  8 weeks for 45 minutes on the same day and time each week.  8 weeks sets: 4 weeks on, ONE week off, 4 more weeks!  

Next start dates: 

DAWG 1, Good Manners pups and beginners.  Sept 1, Sept 2

DAWG 2: Good Manners, The next level!  Combo class with Super Recall .  Sept 1, Sept 2

DAWG Super Recall: Combo class with DAWG 2.  Sept 1, Sept 2

DAWG Real life: Loose leash walking and Parkour fun. MAFFEO SUTTON PARK Sept 11

DAWG Rally Obedience. September 11

DAWG Tricks for fun or titling, combined with body awareness September 10 

DAWG Scent work: September 2

DAWG Agility.: September 11

DAWG Show Handling. : By request

*** email for wait list or to book private sessions***

Private session availbe  by pre booking at all times.

No group  classes offered in August, we resume classes in September 

Build the Best Relationship with your Best Friend!

Games Based Positive Reinforcement Training

We are passionate about helping your dog become the best they can be!

 With DAWG you gain access to:

  • An understanding of force-free and pain-free positive reinforcement training.

  • Concept training through games, creating optimistic and enthusiastic learners, 

  • Skill development to create a positive thinking dog. 

  • Learning effective and practical training techniques.

  • Good manners for everyday life.

  • Online homework support, including videos.

  • Certified dedicated trainers.

  • Group classes and one on one sessions.

Most of our classes run in 4 or  8 week sets  The cost is $130 for 4 weeks and  $260  for 8 weeks, plus taxes. 

To view private session pricing,  see the private session intake form.

Classes for companion & performance dogs:

  • Basic Good Manners , DAWG 1 and  DAWG 2 ( the Next level!)

  • Canine Good Neighbour Certification  preparation

  • Real Life, Loose leash walking and Parkours fun in the park with natural occurring distractions. 

  • Rally Obedience & Competition Obedience

  • Conformation prep and handling skills

  • Scent work  aka Nose work

  • Agility for fun or trial prep

  • Tricks  and Body Awareness for fun or titling stream 

  • Behaviour Modification, ICU (I See You) 

  • Other classes and instruction offered on demand 


Our Certifed Trainers and Coaches are dedicated to continuing education in the field of positive reinforcement.  Our goal is making training a fun, achievable and transformational experience for both dogs and owners!


“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm”