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DAWG Academy Classes

Let us help improve your animal-owner relationship. Training improves communication between you and your pet, strengthening the bonds of loyalty and obedience, and increasing the potential to introduce a well-loved member into your family for the rest of their life. Check out our course calendar and sign up for a class today.

Good Manners

For puppies and dogs who need to learn basic manners, recall, and relationship skills.  Classes are a total of 8 sessions over 9 weeks. (4 weeks on, 1 off, 4 more weeks).

Good Manners *Cedar Location*

Start dates: Wednesday, February 12th. Wednesday, March 18th

Instructor: Bernadette

Good Manners *Nanaimo Location*

Start date: Thursday, February 13th. Wednesday, March 18th.

Instructor: Adriana

Life Skills

For dogs ready to build skills for real the real world. This class is the next level after Good Manners. Classes are a total of 8 sessions over 9 weeks. (4 weeks on, 1 off, 4 more weeks).

Life Skills *Cedar Location*

Start date: Wednesday, March 18th.

Instructor: Bernadette

Life Skills *Nanaimo Location*

Start date: Wednesday, March 18th.

Instructor: Adriana

Rally Obedience

For dogs working towards competition Rally obedience.  There are two main levels, Novice and Advanced for skills building towards all levels of rally competition. Classes are a total of 8 sessions over 9 weeks. (4 weeks on, 1 off, 4 more weeks).

Advanced Rally Obedience *Nanaimo & Cedar Location available*

Start date: Tuesday, March 17th (Nanaimo) 

Instructor: Bernadette

ICU Behaviour Class

This class is for dogs that need a little help in dealing with people and dog reactivity or fears.  Dogs must be pre-approved for this class. Classes are a total of 8 sessions over 9 weeks. (4 weeks on, 1 off, 4 more weeks).


Agility is a fun sport for dogs and handlers that creates a great bond.  Learn foundation skills and build your way up to competition level or just have a great time with your dog! Classes come in 4 week and 8 weeks sets.

Intro To Agility *Nanaimo Location*

Start date: Monday February 24th (6  week course) or Wednesday, March 11th (4 week course)

Instructor: Linda

For dogs who are new to dog agility.

Beginner/Intermediate Agility *Nanaimo Location*

Start date: Monday, February 24th (6 week course) or Tuesday, March 10th (4 week course)

Instructor: Linda

For dogs who have completed the Intro to agility and are working on handling/foundation skills and equipment learning.

Intermediate/Advanced Agility  

*Nanaimo Location*

Start date: Wednesday, March 11th (4 weeks)

Instructor: Linda

For dogs who have done Intermediate level agility and are working on developing handling & fine-tuning equipment performance.

Other Classes

A variety of classes, seminars & events to enjoy!

Show Handling *Cedar Location*

Start date: TBD

Instructor: Bernadette

Skills for all levels of dogs/handlers to help you improve your show ring performance.  ***please email for dates***

Advanced Nosework/Scent Detection *Cedar Location*

Start date: Thursday, January 9th

Instructor: Bernadette


For dogs experienced with the foundations of scent detection!  Building skills to compete.

Novice & Intermediate Tricks *Nanaimo Location*

Start date: TBD  **Please email us if you are interested**

Instructor: Linda

Teach your dog fun new tricks and work toward trick titles!  Come show off what your dog can do and learn new tricks to show off!

Urban Agility & Loose Leash Walking *Nanaimo Waterfront Location*

Start date: Monday, March 23rd

Instructor: Bernadette

Come work on the waterfront to get your dog interacting with a variety of obstacles you can find in the real world. Also working on manners and loose leash walking in a real life setting.

ICU Behaviour Class *Nanaimo Location*

Start date: Tuesday February 11th, Tuesday March 17th.

Instructor: Bernadette