DAWG Academy Classes

Small group classes on a wide variety of topics to help you and your dog be on the same page for life, for fun and for the best relationship.

Classes  run in 4 or  8 weeks for 45 minutes on the same day and time each week,  8 weeks sets: 4 weeks on, ONE week off, 4 more weeks!  

Next start dates: 

DAWG 1: NANAIMO April 22 ** FULL**

DAWG 1: CEDAR:  April 16 , April 21

DAWG 2: NANAIMO: wait list taken***

DAWG 2: CEDAR: April 16

DAWG Super Recall: CEDAR:  April 16

DAWG Real life: MAFFEO SUTTON PARK April 24 

DAWG Rally Obedience: CEDAR: wait list taken***  

DAWG Scent work: NANAIMO: wait list taken***

DAWG Agility: CEDAR April 24

DAWG Show Handling: CEDAR: By request

*** email dawgacademy@gmail.com for wait list***

Good Manners,  DAWG 1 beginners, DAWG 2 advanced

Good Manners classes  are geared towards helping with basic manners, recall, settling when asked, door manners, walking on a loose leash, sit/down, stay, no jumping, focus, handling, relationship, body language, making better choices and more!

Real Life , Loose leash walking and Parkours fun

Building on the foundation skills learned in the good manners program we continue to grow and advance to be real world ready. This class is held outdoors in a City Park 

Rally Obedience for competition and fun

We offer multiple levels of Rally obedience, working  from beginner stages of learning to Masters and  Excellent level courses and trial preperation.

ICU (I See You) Behavior Modification

 Due to Covid restrictions, this class is currently only offered in person: privately, one on one,  or through virtual means. Please complete the assessment form by clicking on the pen icon. 

ICU is for dogs that need help to reduce or eliminate unruly behavior, nervousness, anxiety, reactivity, separation anxiety, resource guarding behaviors, excessive barking or whining etc.  The goal is to teach your dog to voluntarily "let go" of the stress related to the negative emotions  and learn to offer positive and desirable behaviors instead.  We help dogs learn to manage their emotions and make better choices.

Agility  fun foundation skills

.  Teach your dog the foundation skills and introduce them to equipment like Tunnel, Aframe, Dog Walk, Weave Poles, Jumps and more!  Fun for all ages and levels of ability.

Show Handling

How to handle your dog in the show ring!  Teaching you to rules of handling and showing and teaching your dog the skills to hand stack, free stack, gait properly, handling patterns, table work and more.

Scent work/Nose work

Allowing your dog  to sniff and expore designated odors is not only fun but also great mental stimulation for your dog! A dog's scent ability is 50 times more powerfull than  a human! 

Come explore the possibilities for fun or learn competition skills!

Tricks and Body Awareness

Learning new  tricks and skills opens up your dog's brain to endless possibilities for advanced learning!  From simple tricks to wave and roll over, to more complicated  sequences such as putting toys in the basket or fetching you a beer from the fridge and closing the fridge door behind him, the fun is about to begin here!

We combine trick training with improving body movement skills for better propreoception by using various  "doggie-style" fitness equipement. 

Super Recall / DAWG 2 combo class

Creating a Super Recall starts with having super fun with your dog! This class is action packed and will leave your dog wanting MORE!!!

Bring your toys, bring your treats, let's create something lasting and usefull. The best bonding experience you can have with your dog! 


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