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Need a little bit of help to get your dog training journey started?

We have a series of FREE LIVE ASK THE TRAINER sessions Tuesday @ 7 pm starting April 26th.

Come and ask questions relating to each topic or just take in the information! We would love to have you!

Would you like to join us? This event is being hosted on our website. To grab your invite link click HERE

April 26th @ 7pm

Getting Started with Your New Dog or Puppy

May 3 @ 7pm

Transforming Common Behaviour Struggles into Successes

May 10 @ 7pm

Training Gear For Training and Success.

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Instead of creating distance between you and Charlie, try standing super close and let Charlie catch the ball when you drop it directly in the mouth! Then all it takes is for you to grab hold as well and trade! Super effective and is a transferable skill to more distance once the behaviour is established! Let me know how you make out! Bernadette


Is this where l would ask a question? Charley will chase the balll, and come back towards us with it but must often drops it about 6 feet away as she comes to us for a treat. Not sure how to shape this so that she brings it right to us.

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