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It's a Cat's Life

Did you know the number of pet cats in Canada is estimated to be around 7.9 million? Wow! No wonder the cat care industry is booming. Add to that the fact that the pet industry continues growing in leaps and bounds since the start of COVID-19 and you quickly realize how important it is to find someone you trust to care for your pet.

With the worker shortages and a huge shortage of trained staff, finding a groomer is trickier than ever before. Yet a cat truly needs regular grooming to help live its best life.

But... My Cat Grooms Itself

Does it though? Let's look at the facts. Grooming involves using combs, brushes, shampoo, blow dryers and other tools of the trade to help remove dirt, debris, saliva, urine, dead hair, matting and help exfoliate the skin through gentle agitation. Does your cat do that?

Just think about the cat licking itself, do they remove dirt? Or do they just add saliva? How would you feel about a person who never showers coming to snuggle up in bed with you? Ick right!?! Your cat is no different. Yes, they don't sweat the way we do, but they still bring all those bacteria into bed with you.

Also, did you know that dried saliva leaves behind dander? Dander is the dried protein from your cat's saliva, and saliva and dander are the things most people are sensitive or allergic to!

In short, you are probably UNDER grooming your cat. Let's fix that!

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