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Getting Back in the Habit!

As we get ready for the first day of back to school, it's also time to get back to regular maintenance for your dog or cat grooming.

Home Grooming for Maintenance

Try to get you and your pet in the habit of regular brushing and combing at home. This helps to prevent dirt and debris from building up in the coat and in turn prevents mats and tangles from forming. Just a few minutes a day goes a long way to helping keep that coat shiny and fresh. Long haired and short coated pets both benefit from regular brushing. It helps stimulate the skin, reduce shedding, and build a bond between you and your pet and sets them up for successful grooming in the future.

When is it time to see your groomer?

It's always a matter of what you want for your pet. If you want to help reduce allergic reactions to your pet or prevent excessive shedding we recommend visits every 4-6 weeks. Elderly pets should also be done frequently to keep the grooming process simple for them. More frequent grooms mean less stress! The coat will be in better shape, and there will be less risk of injury due to mats and tangles having to be removed. The rule of thumb is, the longer or thicker the coat, the more frequently you see your groomer!

Does your pet get clipped short? No problem! Most pets that get a nice short hair cut will come to be groomed every 6-8 weeks so they keep that nice clean appearance.

If you are not sure what schedule suits your pet best, we are more than happy to help you figure that out! Ask any time!

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