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Groom Early, Groom Often

When is a good time to introduce your pet to the grooming process? Generally, the answer is in the days after they are born. When they are first being raised by the breeder that initial handling helps to set the tone for future grooming!

Okay, so that isn't what you meant! When should they get their first haircut or bath at the groomer and what does that process look like?

When & Why To See A Grooming Professional

The best time for your pup to be introduced to a professional groomer is after they have been vaccinated and ideally in the first 3-4 months of life. Even if your pup is not in need of a groom, this is the best time to help them learn and get comfortable with the process.

The first groom usually will involve a bath and blow-dry, nail trim and a little tidy around the feet, face and bum. This allows them a gentle introduction to grooming.

Even short-coated breeds benefit from this introduction to grooming (no trimming required) but they will get some exposure to handling and unfamiliar people which can help them set the stage for any future interactions for nail trims or vet visits!

What To Bring?

What should you bring to your first visit? Treats! Something your pup likes for the groomer to offer your pup. Proof of vaccines for the groomer to add to their computer records (if you have not completed a new client form already). And your pup on a leash.

Groomers love it when you help your pup get set up for a great relationship with them. A few visits, while the pup is young, helps set the tone for fabulous future interactions!

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