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TRAIN now, don't COMPLAIN later

Covid has changed all our lives drastically! And yes! That includes our dog's lives as well. We have been staying home more, spending time with our family dogs, not socializing as much or at all, and basically living an introverted lifestyle.

This has led many people to realize that their dogs are finding it difficult to be out and about as our restrictions are being lifted.

My dogs are no different than any others! My youngest dog was approximately six months when the first lockdown happened. We literally didn't go anywhere for the next 6 months! The older dogs had enough socialization that they came out of the other end without too many problems. My youngest dog is showing signs of feeling uncomfortable in an unfamiliar and busy environment, particularly around people as we did not see any for a long time.

This is the time to help them and train them to feel good about being out and about again and help them to reset their mental stability in regards to meeting other people, seeing other dogs with a more positive outlook, and without losing their cool.

Be your dog's guide in these turbulent times.

Train with compassion, patience, and care, don't complain!

If you have noticed your dog is struggling too, feel free to reach out!


DAWG Academy


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