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Cat Grooming Appointment with Linda

Duration 1-2 hours.

  • 1 hour
  • 2723 Cedar Road|Grooming

Service Description

All cats should arrive in a carrier for their comfort and safety. Cat grooming takes 1-2 hours depending on the needs and behaviour of the cat. When should my cat be groomed? Cats of all ages need grooming. We can start with young kittens to help familiarize them with the grooming process. As they mature regular grooming keeps them in top shape. Cats benefit the most from weekly home grooming and 4 to 12 weeks for professional grooming to maintain the best coat and skin health. This prevents shedding, matting and reduces grease and saliva from building up in the cat's coat. As cats age, they will need more frequent grooming to maintain their comfort. We will ALWAYS put the well being of your cat first. This means we tailor our services to meet your cat's needs. Make sure to let the groomer know about any medical concerns your cat may have. Why wash a cat? Bathing and drying the coat allows us to do a better job of the de-shed or clip process. This helps your cat feel better and makes the trim last longer. Bathing and drying ultimately make the complete grooming process easier on the cat. Matting Prevention through regular grooming is always preferred over once-in-a-while matting removal. Cat skin is dangerously thin and when the coat is matted the skin gets pulled up into the matting. This puts the cat's well being at risk. Matting is caused by dirt, dander, debris and excessive natural skin and coat oils building up and clumping the coat together. Regular bathing will help prevent this and will promote your cat's comfort. Additional charges may apply if We LOVE spending good quality grooming time with your pet, but sometimes extra effort and or extra time spend means extra expenses for the groomer. You want to maintain a longer length of coat Your pet has fleas or other pests that require us to do a special wash and treat our facility Your pet has matting or excessive dead hair requiring extra time to remove Your pet needs a specialized, more time-consuming service, like hand stripping or hand scissoring Your pet needs an extra helper Your pet is extremely dirty and requires extra time and supplies to get clean Your pet is a large or giant breed or a heavy-coated breed, requiring extra time and effort Your pet is not groomed regularly, requiring some "magic grooming" touch and time! For more information check out our detailed page

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