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Dog Grooming Appointment

Dogs all breeds/sizes duration 1-4 hours. Book any 1 hour slot, pets will stay as long as needed.

  • 1 h
  • 2723 Cedar Road

Service Description

You can make changes up to two days (48 hours) before your appointment. No-show or late cancellation (less than 48 hours) will result in a booking fee to set up a new appointment. Services offered include: Clipping and scissoring, Hand stripping, De-shedding, Mat removal, Bathing, Hand drying, Ear cleaning, Anal gland expression, Nail trim or dremel and more! Prices vary depending on the size, coat condition, service, amount of work, behaviour of the dog and more! Starting prices (regular scheduled dogs 8 wks or less) longer lengths, handscissoring and handstripping will be to the higher end of the range. Prices subject to change. Additional charges may apply if: We LOVE spending good quality grooming time with your pet, but sometimes extra effort and or extra time spent means extra expenses for the groomer. ​You want to maintain a longer length of coat Your pet has fleas or other pests that require us to do a special wash and treat our facility Your pet has matting or excessive dead hair requiring extra time to remove Your pet needs a specialized, more time-consuming service, like hand stripping or hand scissoring Your pet needs an extra helper Your pet is extremely dirty and requires extra time and supplies to get clean Your pet is a large or giant breed or a heavy-coated breed, requiring extra time and effort Your pet is not groomed regularly, requiring some "magic grooming" touch and time!​ For more information check out our detailed page

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