Cleo & Connie

"Thank you so much Bernadette for your help and for your words of encouragement!

Last night and tonight's bone trade up went very well. We continue to leash practice twice today and tried a toy she had not seen before and she was very attentive.. We continue to practice on the street at quiet times such as 6am and 8pm. 

August 2020

Toby & Anita

The sessions were  very informative and above all fun for me and my dog! We explored the fine art of learning about dog communication and I learned when Toby needed me to help him and when I could just let him figure it out for himself, resulting in a much calmer and more confident dog!


Thank you Bernadette, we will be back for refreshers!

August 2020

Hopper & Christina 

I learned so much about how to work with my dog, and how to create a better relationship between us.


Bernadette noticed behaviours in my dog that I wasn’t aware of, and gave frequent, direct and constructive support to improve those behaviours. Thank you! 

August 2020

Max & Ruth 

We enjoyed our real life classes down at the park.    Working with Max every day, learning new things from you each week and following your advice and guidance, I have seen a definite improvement in his comfort level around other dogs/people/bikes/etc.   You have taught me many tricks to get his focus away from distractions that work!  The progress is slow, but steady.   


Bernadette is a skilled trainer who has helped Max so much.  

We will keep working, keep learning, and would definitely recommend working with her.  

We will be signing up for more classes in the future and in the meantime will keep using methods Bernadette has taught us.  Thank you from Max and Ruth <3

August 2020

Banjo & Brianne U 

Thank you very much for the notes. Banjo is coming along really well!! 

July 2020

Braith, Spencer and Monty & Leslie G

I have been dealing with Nanaimo pet services  and DAWG for the past 14 years. It started out with an agility class. I then adopted a dog who was fear aggressive to people and other dogs with the help of Bernadette I rehabilitated that dog who is now 14 and is the love of my life. I have continued with rally classes, Scent work and even play school for my new little girl who is three years old. This is the only place that I will go for the undivided attention that I get as an owner and how great the staff and Bernadette are. They are amazing at reading dog language and their grooming is impeccable. 

July 2020

Ellie, Sonya & Geoff

Ellie and I are thoroughly enjoying and learning leaps and bounds!!! Thank you for your calm kind approach.

24 OCT 2019

Luci & Jenny

Bernadette is an absolute treasure! My puppy Luci and I are thrilled to have attended a class and had private lessons. We learned a tremendous amount. I'm so impressed with Bernadette's incredible wealth of knowledge and ability to adapt to each new dog and owner, depending on their specific needs. As an individual with complex health issues, I wouldn't have the amazing relationship with my beautiful puppy without Bernadette's help. You are such an amazing person!! We love you Bernadette!!!!

10 OCT 2019

Teddy, Griffin & Diane

WOW !  

Thank you for the notes, audio file and ALL the information.  I have glanced thru all of it and feel like I have a years worth of training ahead of me !!!  


However, I am also VERY excited to get started, as all of this information is AMAZING !  Such clear instructions and explanations and absolutely what I need to feel confident I am working with them correctly !  It all makes perfect sense to me (on paper) and I could not be more grateful !! I am so excited !!  (I may even be able to train my husband with all this info !! YAY !)


Truly, I cannot thank you enough -  even for this much so far !! It has been a very frustrating and difficult journey adding Teddie to our household, with many people suggesting we re-home him. This is not an option we would ever consider, but you have truly given me new hope that we can have the 2 dog household we envisioned !! 


SOOOOO glad I found you !! And I look forward to training these little fluffers with your guidance. 


15 Sept 2019

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