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Back to SK9OOL!

It's that time of year! Everyone is getting ready for back to school, and so should your dog! Enrol your pup for their continuing education or for fun! You can check out our foundation classes including puppy social and levels 1-3 or some of our NEW and exciting courses including (PLEASE NOTE SOME CLASSES ARE OFFERED IN TOWN AT BEST PAW FORWARD)

Trick Training - Teach your dog tricks for fun, bonding, and showing off to your friends! You can even earn titles! So much fun for your dog and great for building confidence!

Agility - Off to the races! Teach your dog to navigate the agility equipment, while you learn handling skills and get a little activity in!

Rally Obedience - Navigate obedience skills and build focus and loose leash walking while working on learning stations and navigating the course!

Real Life Class - Class held at Maffeo-Sutton Park where we expand on your foundation obedience skills, and practice some parkour in a real-life class.

Scent Detection - Teach your dog to identify the target odours and indicate them to you. Great for brain games, confidence building, calming and competition! Put that SUPER POWERED SNIFFER to good use!

Intro to Dog Sports - A little bit of everything! Rally, Agility, Disc and Puller, Tricks and Musical Freestyle and Treibbal! Come and check out a new sport each week and see where it takes you!

Recall Rescue - Does your dog come when called? We can help build a better recall and better control of your off-leash dog.

Rowdy Rover - Does your dog bark or react poorly towards people or dogs? Whether it be excitement or reactivity this class offers you the skills to help your dog respond more appropriately when seeing or meeting people and dogs. *Dogs must be preapproved to join class*

Fearful Fido - Is your dog fearful? Does your dog hide or shy away? This class helps build confidence and teach dogs how to safely and calmly approach new situations and build the skills to transfer into new places.

Level 1 - Basic manners skills for pups and dogs of all ages needing a place to start their training.

Level 2 - Advanced manners and skill building for loose leash walking and recall focus.

Level 3- Focuses on building up core skills to prep for the Canine Good Neighbour test and introduces rally obedience.

Puppy Social - A great way to introduce young pups to some new doggie friends while learning about dog body language and building confidence.

Play & Learn for dogs of all ages - For dogs that would like to meet more doggy friends and learn how to interact with them appropriately!

We look forward to seeing you and your dog back in SK9OOL this fall!

Don't know where to start? Drop us an email and we can get you sorted!

Or Book online at

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