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It's that time of year! Everyone is getting ready for back to school, and so should your dog! Enrol your pup for their continuing education or for fun! You can check out our foundation classes including puppy social and levels 1-3 or some of our NEW and exciting courses including (PLEASE NOTE SOME CLASSES ARE OFFERED IN TOWN AT BEST PAW FORWARD)

Trick Training - Teach your dog tricks for fun, bonding, and showing off to your friends! You can even earn titles! So much fun for your dog and great for building confidence!

Agility - Off to the races! Teach your dog to navigate the agility equipment, while you learn handling skills and get a little activity in!

Rally Obedience - Navigate obedience skills and build focus and loose leash walking while working on learning stations and navigating the course!

Real Life Class - Class held at Maffeo-Sutton Park where we expand on your foundation obedience skills, and practice some parkour in a real-life class.